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Default SIRI - Sirius Satelite Radio

Mr. Mel Karmazin will be on Jim Cramer's Mad Money tomorrow.

Howard Stern - 01.09.06 - T-Minus 41 Days + 60 Minutes

Martha Stewart - Advice and inspiration from Martha and her team of lifestyle experts on Martha Stewart Living // Ch. 131 coming this fall.

Bam Margera - Join the star of Jackass and Viva La Bam as he shares his warped vision of the world, every week on Faction // Ch. 28.

Eminem - Check out Shade 45 // Ch. 45, the ultimate uncensored hip-hop channel created by Eminem and SIRIUS, featuring 50 Cent's G-Unit Radio on Saturdays.

Lance Armstrong - Hear one of the world's greatest athletes share experiences, speak with listeners and guests, and play his favorite music Sunday nights on Armstrong Radio on Faction // Ch. 28

Tony Hawk - Tune in to Tony Hawk's Demolition Radio as he shreds the airwaves Tuesday nights on Faction // Ch. 28.

CNBC - Jim Cramer Mad Money

NASCAR - 2007

S50 (New) - MP3 Player + Satelite Radio

Sirius is definately the underdog in comparison with XM Radio.

Call me an optimist but I think I see the silver lining and I also see room for growth and subscribers.
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