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Well first, what make you think OMED and WOOF could both go to $40? Nothing is guaranteed. BUT at the same time any stock can go up 100% or down 100%. All it takes is a shift in supply and demand. There are many factors that can influence this.

OMED had a lot of demand a few days ago based off news. Now gravity will kick in and trickle down until the next wave of buyers if ever. 28 is the key price right now. If it fails tomorrow it probably fades off, OR if it perks and buyers jump back on then it could retest the 32 high. WOOF has been slow and steady all year, so of course it will probably continue to be a slower play.

Studying past range on stocks can help predict future range. I study and trade based off these chart patterns. Start on this thread as I explain more about basic supply and demand factors.
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