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Old 12-26-2017,
Airbladeici Airbladeici is offline
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SU goes right thru resistance and is moving today. Yesterdays news has got su moving again imo. SU up 2 and looks like it may see 75 if this keeps up. good luck and keep an eye on CWPC $5.18 too
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Old 12-26-2017,
Airbladedsk Airbladedsk is offline
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Default SU moving

Really moving now as it just hit 74 and lots of action in the group today. Was it the buy out this morning of 2 companys that got this group moving again or did funds just realize these companys are going to report record profits soon or maybe window dressing who knows. CVX getting in the action now as it just hit 59.
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Old 12-29-2017,
agrohimian agrohimian is offline
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Yes i am and i added thur and fri as i think think su may see 75 again. Resistance is 75.38 if su takes that out look for a run thru 77. I think the news of 3 more permits has got su moving again and oil around 70 bucks is going to give them another great qtr. and the buyouts of oil companys helped alot too imo. This is one company you will want to be in right before they report in aug. or if it dips back to 67 as that seems to be support. SU great to trade s/t and a great hold l/t as long as oil does not tank. SU got an upgrade friday and here is the news on the new permits. Good luck

Press Release Source: Suncor Energy Inc.
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Old 12-29-2017,
AhmadHolle AhmadHolle is offline
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Suncor Energy acquires new oil sands permits
Thursday June 22, 6:00 am ET

CALGARY, June 22 /CNW/ - Suncor Energy Inc. today announced it has acquired three new oil sands permits, located approximately five kilometres southwest of the company's Fort McMurray oil sands operations. The three land permits are adjacent to mining leases Suncor previously acquired.
The permits have not been delineated to the extent necessary to provide an estimate of resources or reserves and a timeline for development has not been established. Suncor can apply to have the permits transferred to leases, after meeting minimum targets on resource evaluation.

Suncor will consult with stakeholders as development plans progress.

The purchase price of the permits is not being disclosed.
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Old 01-02-2018,
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SUNDAY night 60 minutes did a canadian oil sands story here is some of the story------------------------------------------------------------------

100 billion dollars to be invested in the area.

Hedge investor interviewed.

$10k per truckload.

Bigger than Saudi Arabia oil reserves.

They have mentioned Suncor.

Alberta is safe from the Islama-Nazi's.

Chinese are interested in the oil.

Refilling old mines and planting trees and bison
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