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Old 12-27-2017,
Alenkasgymn Alenkasgymn is offline
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Caution: This is a watch-list. Feel free to use this list to get ideas, but don't take them as recommendations. I am fairly new to trading but based on my readings, and accumulated knowledge, I have picked these stocks to be on my daily watch-list.
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Old 12-27-2017,
AletheaHmy AletheaHmy is offline
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FORM (Long)
HSOL (Long)
BAC (Long)
CSCO (Long)
AAPL (Long)
GOOG (Long)
CY (Long)
TSM (Long)
AMD (Short)
PNRA (Short)
IMAX (Short)

This is my first watch-list, let's see how I do.
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Old 12-27-2017,
AlenaKissMa AlenaKissMa is offline
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Default Daily Watch-lists.

2/9/12 Watch-list results:
FORM (Long) (3.78%)
HSOL (Long) (5.43%)
BAC (Long) (0.62%)
CSCO (Long) (-2.10%) (OOPS)
AAPL (Long) (3.46%)
GOOG (Long) (0.26%)
CY (Long) (-0.22%)
TSM (Long) (0.63%)
AMD (Short) (0.14%)*
PNRA (Short) (-2.01%)*
IMAX (Short) (1.32%)*

*Note: Shorted stocks show the reverse of daily gains (since I shorted them).

Overall, pretty good for my first watch-list. 1.02% average, not as good as I would have hoped, but good for a noob.
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Old 12-28-2017,
Alewoxagen Alewoxagen is offline
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*P.S. Sorry about the list being a bit late and small. Remember, this is just a watch list, not recommendations. I'm testing a new picking style, so no promises. Also note: Some of these are for long-term investors too. So they might have a rough day today but do much better over time. (Stocks like ADBE or PGR)
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Old 12-31-2017,
Alewoxagen Alewoxagen is offline
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ISRG- buy if breaks above 494.5
URRE- not trending well, cautious buy if crosses 0.99
PPL- possible breakdown, buy if breaks through 28.55
LNKD- Buy if crosses 91.2
WMT- solid buy for long-term hold.
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Old 01-01-2018,
Airbladedad Airbladedad is offline
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nyse, as humans we have a natural tendency toward certain biases whether they be hindsight bias, overconfidence, illusion of control bias, confirmation bias, self-attribution bias, etc.

One iron-clad way I've found, and through formal training been instructed by successful asset mgrs, to mitigate these biases is to write down your trades. Write down not just your stock picks in a thread like this but write down the rationale. Write down your theoretical entry and your theoretical exit (both price target and stop-loss level).

It is incredible how this will humble a trader when they make a great trade but it's due to luck rather than their rationale they postulated going in to the trade. Choosing to ignore luck and instead attributing the outcome to your predictive power dismisses the true risk involved in each future trade which will, on a long enough timeline, lead to ruin.

Just passing one of the most valuable tips I've ever acquired in my career.

Good luck.
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Old 01-02-2018,
admin admin is offline
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nysegop, note where I said in my previous post "...as humans we..." The biases I mentioned are not directed at you specifically and my post was not intended to be an ad hominem attack. What I'm trying to convey is that it is human nature to harbor these emotional and cognitive biases. They are developed over many years and reinforced through our participation in society. Many of the general population, outside of a few elite traders and perhaps the psychology profession, don't even know they exist and therefore won't recognize their presence - ultimately, much to their own peril whether it's a trade or some other activity in life. If I recall correctly you stated in an earlier thread you've been trading for 4 or 6 months. Unless you're a biological anomoly I don't think you're immune to these biases that apply to the rest of the human population.

I feel you're coming along well and you possess the greatest asset a trader can have and that's a genuine interest in learning how to improve. It is based on this curiosity that I posted the comments in the above reply. Just be cognizant that these "biases" I mention are not the salient type that is commonly referenced in life when someone says "that's biased."' These biases are latent and we're all subject to them at times - some of us more than others - but they affect us all. Perhaps it would help to use the term "flaw" instead of bias.

Again, the best way I have found, through formal training, to mitigate their impact is to record in writing your rationale for a trade and include the entry and exit ahead of time. This can be done in a public forum such as this, a blog, or even a trading diary you keep next to your trading station. The point here is that you self-correct and come to truly understand why a trade went right or why it went wrong and you can apply your own corrective behavior down the line. In closing, we all harbor these biases. The best we can hope is to identify them, know that they are there, and try to mitigate them as they apply to our trading.
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