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Old 12-29-2017,
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Default Quick Question/Comment

First off, I would just like to say hi to everyone. I am new here, but have lurked here for awhile. I invested years ago like most and lost 65-80% of my investment. About a month ago I came across Cramerâ‚„s show and for some reason really enjoyed how he presented his information and also how knowledgeable he was. Since then I have been hooked to his show, radio and T.V. and also have been rejuvenated with the stock market and investing. I am fairly new to stocks and trading so I am searching for information that could be of any use to me.

I do not plan to start investing right away, as I am currently paying off all debt then saving money to invest. That will take 6-8months, so I am planning on using this time to better inform myself with any and all information. I have seen people here and Cramer talk about â‚“homeworkâ‚ I would just like to know the best sites or articles would be best for me to read, or do my â‚homeworkâ‚ in regards to stocks when researching what should I be looking for? Also, if any other information you feel would benefit me it would be greatly appreciated. I look forward to discussing and sharing information with all you. I look forward to the future. Thanks
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Old 01-01-2018,
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I'm very glad to hear you say that you're paying off debt first and then investing. I'm amazed at how much debt we carry as a country, almost $8000/household. Once you have put yourself into the black, educate yourself on how finance works. It doesn't matter if you're a CEO or a ditchdigger, there's always more to know about the economy. Set aside some time everyday to do some "homework". As for what kind of homework, it depends on what you already know. Do you have a basic understanding of stock jargon? Do you know what a P/E ratio is? Examine these sites for some insight into the lingo :
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Old 01-01-2018,
AdaCantero AdaCantero is offline
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Thanks for the warm welcome â‚€œ

As much as I would like to jump in and get my feel wet, I know the better option would first pay off any lingering debt; I donâ‚„t have quite that much but still. People as a majority do not understand that they can save so much more and keep so much more of their paycheck if they actually do not have debt, or high interest rate credit cards. Once I am positively saving money on a week to week basis then I will educate myself more on the economy and money.

I am not that educated in terms of stocks and the lingo, I have heard of many of the terms but do not know how to apply or analysis them. I will take a look at the websites you suggested and I thank you for the help and direction. If anyone else has any input please feel free I am starving for any and all information.
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Old 01-01-2018,
aCjeO4DAys aCjeO4DAys is offline
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Wecome aboard. The web pages that TrippleBuy posted are very good.

I am pretty new to investing myself and have found some of the dummies books very helpful.

Also, you may want to checkout www.investopedia.com That is a great site to look up terms and they have a great Virtual portfolio that you can trade with in just about real time, so you can test what you have learned with 1,000,000 of funny money

Good luck to you!
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Old 01-02-2018,
AdamMcGeor AdamMcGeor is offline
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I am still in the process of checking those sites out, so far, very good and informative. Its really hard not to get excited about all of this and try to jump out and make some mad money myself, but I would really like to learn more first.

For that reason I will also check out the sit you suggested and try out the "fake" portfolir just to test my knowledge, the only down side is if I make money "hand over fist" then it will be dissappointing due to the fact it won't be in the bank. Again thanks for the help, I will check it out.

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Old 01-03-2018,
admin admin is offline
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Ya, just anxious I guess. Just got to keep telling myself that I will catch the next train, I have my other financial responsibilities I need to resolve first anyway. Once I don't have anymore debt it will be a lot easier to save money. Thanks again Triple for your insight. I will catch the market on the next ride up, use this time to learn.
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