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Old 12-30-2017,
AhmadClutt AhmadClutt is offline
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Default Cramer's 10 Most Mentioned (Charted)

I am uncertain of the point you are trying to make.

If you understand Cramer's philosophy, which is clearly to "buy and do homework" as he states time and time again, you will see both buy and sell opportunities in his 10 most mentioned stocks.
I have made money on JDSU, CNXT and GOOG---a lot of money, as I rely on his initial guidance to "prick my ears" when he mentions particular stocks and sectors, but then do research, set my own buy and sell points according to my specific needs, risk-tolerance, time frame and judgements.

Seems there are a lot of whiners who rely on J.C. like some sort of JC (in the biblical sense) WHEN HE HAS CLEARLY ADVISED PEOPLE TO ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEIR OWN FINANCES---rather than blindly follow!!

Isn't that correct?
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Old 12-31-2017,
adrianayd69 adrianayd69 is offline
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Sorry--I didn't mean for my reply to sound so negative/nasty---it just seemed like you were pointing out that many of Cramer's most mentioned picks were bombing, lately, and I was a bit too defensive....as I've done pretty well by his advice (it helps offset my self-initiated tanks, a bit!)
I just got tired of reading through these posts and discovering that amongst the many decent investors are some hidden (and not so hidden) blamers and whiners.
In retrospect, I see you are not one of them, and were simply providing data.
Again, I apologize.
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Old 01-02-2018,
Adamcixerroubre Adamcixerroubre is offline
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I understand--No offense taken

My point is simply after your initial visit to CramerLand you learn to study both his strengths and weaknesses and do it often, for obviously, this or any of his pages change daily

For example, when he mentions medical, a red flag should go up, because he sux in this area--but he could make a change in his staff and this could become his strong area, but you would never know unless you monitor his strengths and weaknesses--if you do not take his newsletter, then you must INFER from these valuable pages--Cramer makes tracking him for FREE very ez, but obviously unless you pay, you do not know the intricate moment to moment changes he makes

Cramer is an excellent Guru, but he is human; thus, he has his + and - sides

Bet with strengths!
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Old 01-03-2018,
aCjeO4DAys aCjeO4DAys is offline
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It is simply a noisey glob of meaninglessness for the most part, because little is explained. The key point is when Cramar actually owns a stock for his Charitable Trust--This is where he puts his $$$, not mouth. This should not be construed you cannot learn key stuff to use in your evaluation of other stocks, but you have continually to separate the information from the noise. Does Cramar really know about a stock? Yea! The problem is the LR is designed for the MTV generation who want it fast framed in headline form. Each evening LR is based on tonite. There is little mention of the past or future. To frame a stock mentioned on the LR, you must go to his web page. E.g., tonite he adores Widget. Next week he turns on it. If you miss the show, you still believe he loves Widget.

Hope this point makes sense. If you want his daily perspective, you must subscribe to one of his expensive newsletter. Yea, CramerLand is a small tip of a huge iceberg.
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Old 01-04-2018,
AddiePaync AddiePaync is offline
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If you want to see the real Cramar, then go to your library and check out "Confessions of a Street Addict." Oh, in this book you will see where the LR originated from: part of his hiring process at Goldman Sachs. The company sat him down and threw out stocks (a la LR) and he had to answer fast as on the LR.

Bottom line: Cramer is a showman, but never ever think for one minute this man does not know the stock market! Never! We are lucky to get the insight we do.
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