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Old 01-07-2018,
9Wn6x5pIol 9Wn6x5pIol is offline
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Default what is your biggest trading problem???

If any? Mine is fear. After losing so many profits on those sell offs we've experienced recently and buying a few stocks that dived right after I got in, I'm afraid to buy into stocks I KNOW are good now and keep watching them go up without me. I even sold off one I knew was great, but let all the bashers get to me, now it's up $6 from where I sold off in two weeks. :cry:

The other problem I'm having is listening to people on tv, no matter how much I know something is the right thing to do, I cannot get what they say out of my head, right or wrong, and end up acting on it, usually to my own detriment. That is my choice, but also my choice to listen.

I've been doing a lot better reading the news late at night, studying what happened in after hours, then reading upgrades and downgrades in the mornings. Also following earnings and guidance and to heck with analysts, they all say something different and it's driving me NUTS.
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Old 01-08-2018,
Aaronyurigh Aaronyurigh is offline
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Fear, mostly due to my inexperience. But I realize that my most important goal right now (even more important than making money), is to learn - and pain seems to be the best teacher. I have had a problem selling stocks prematurely because of losses early on.

I have kept track of all of my purchases and sales since I've started. Although I have made a decent return, I've given up an addional $2100 in gains by panic selling. I missed out on a 55% gain on AMD, a 56% gain on ET, and a 52% gain on SWIR. Ouch! 8O

...of course I've also avoided a 41% loss on GTOP, a 21% loss on PFE and a 16% loss on GMR.
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Old 01-08-2018,
aavazaawjos aavazaawjos is offline
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I have panic sold a few also, and lost big in the process when , except for 1 single instance that I can remember when I would have been slaughtered. It's hard for me to sell when a stock is going up, afraid of missing gains, but just as hard to sell and take a big loss. My biggest fear today is that CBI will fall, because I got 400. When I lost big last week, I had so much confidence that this delay thing was overreaction, and continued to buy all the way down, til I got my last 100 at 19.65, even though I offered to buy at 20.00. Just luck that my limit was hit on a humongous sell, I guess. Anyway, up $900 today, and I'll be even at 24.16, and from then on up, it's $4 on each penny gain. (if I don't get slaughtered)
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Old 01-09-2018,
Aaronflush Aaronflush is offline
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Patience. I bit the bullet on that TAGS thing the other day. having $500 disappear quickly is never fun. I wanted a quick buck ... took the high risk move and lost. No more of that. Most of my long term plays have worked quite nicely and I need to stick with them instead of messing w/short term stuff which I have no luck with.
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Old 01-11-2018,
admin admin is offline
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That's the tradeoff. Its hard not to look back on what could have happened if you had done differently. As long as you're positive you'll be all right. Forget about those past trades and move on to the next one. I sold my CNXT today and made a tidy little profit but saw that it moved a little bit after I sold it, who cares, I made money. Now its time to find the next stock.
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