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Old 12-16-2017,
Aarroncikk Aarroncikk is offline
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Goldman's Bailey expects a steady stream of consumer- electronics announcements from Apple over the next six to nine months, including the introduction of a digital-media hub for the home and an iTunes-enabled mobile phone. Bailey predicts the iPhone will be launched in June, but speculates Apple is trying to move the introduction to the first quarter of 2007. Bailey bases his prediction on conversations with Asian component suppliers.

Analyst Shaw Wu of American Technology Research also thinks that an iPhone launch is closer than many realize. Wu originally expected it to be in 2008-'09, if it were to happen at all. But after some serious digging, Wu has become convinced that Apple may be much nearer to kickoff: "We now have high conviction that calendar 2007 is very likely -- potentially as early as the first half of the year."
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Old 12-17-2017,
Aabgseo Aabgseo is offline
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Just days after publishing a bullish note, and while we were talking on the phone, he discovered that Apple had filed dozens of patent applications for intellectual property involving mobile handsets. "We have learned that the kinks have been worked out of the new phone and that it is set for production," Wu says.

He told Barron's that Apple is talking to at least two undisclosed carriers, and the company may have selected at least one electronics manufacturer to build the phones. Getting mobile phones to market is a lot trickier than selling iPods, and Wu suspects that Apple is still working through its options.
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Old 12-17-2017,
aavazaawjos aavazaawjos is offline
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Default optimus25 MSFT Insiders selling

While Apple may be exploring the more conventional path of selling handsets through service carriers, such as Verizon Wireless and Cingular, Wu would not rule out the possibility that the company would go it alone, as Disney (DIS: 30.01, +0.24, +0.8%) did with Disney Mobile and ESPN Mobile. Those operations control the wireless experience and handset distribution by acquiring airtime from other carriers and running their own services. Neither Disney nor ESPN has been very successful at this, but Wu doesn't think that their performance should reflect on Apple's efforts.

"The new Apple cellphone will be a major player and competitor, set to disrupt yet another industry," Wu says. "Nobody thought iTunes would work, either."
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Old 12-19-2017,
9Wn6x5pIol 9Wn6x5pIol is offline
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As a board member of Disney, Jobs can study that company's exploration of mobile wireless ventures and learn from its experiences, applying them to Apple. Assuming Apple charges about $200 a phone, and claims 1% of roughly a billion-unit market, or 10 million phones, Wu suggests the iPhone could provide about $2 billion in fresh revenue in its first 12 months. He has raised his revenue estimates to $22.2 billion and earnings to $2.60 a share for fiscal 2007. His target is 91.

Retail-industry sources tell Barron's that Apple is about to embark on an ambitious remodeling plan for its stores. At least two stores in the East are to be among the first to receive facelifts, to the tune of about $3 million each, which is pretty hefty. Details are sketchy, but the all-white look is likely to get a makeover, and the stores will be redesigned with all of the new products in the pipeline in mind.
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Old 12-20-2017,
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Goldman out with a note today expecting average $75 crude for Q4 2006.

Petrobras adding production seems counter to $50 levels long term.

Would be very interesting to view SPR levels for aug, sep, and oct.

Then again, i am the nut that thinks RECORD trade deficit might be bad for US dollar. good luck all!
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