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Old 12-19-2017,
0t1PjaZtFu 0t1PjaZtFu is offline
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Interesting on the Gold perspective, it seems that the big players in Gold and OPEC have something in common; neither is currently worried that this is anything more than a short term dip, and since Oil and Gold are believed to be 80% linked as far as price movement, the fact that they are in agreement on current conditions being short term certainly gives one reason to mull this over more closely than the mainstream media would have you beleive.
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Old 12-20-2017,
5qXCgJayWH 5qXCgJayWH is offline
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Default Borden_john KMX 52 week high.

Goldman out with a note today expecting average $75 crude for Q4 2006.

Petrobras adding production seems counter to $50 levels long term.

Would be very interesting to view SPR levels for aug, sep, and oct.

Then again, i am the nut that thinks RECORD trade deficit might be bad for US dollar. good luck all!
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Old 12-21-2017,
58695236 58695236 is offline
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LONDON -(Dow Jones)- Goldman Sachs' (GS) commodities research arm said Tuesday the hefty fall in the price of crude oil to a five-and-a-half month low was overdone and falling retail fuel prices would underpin demand and maintain robust growth.
Goldman Sachs, whose commodity index has attracted some $60 billion of funds and in which crude and natural gas have about a 50% combined weight, said in a note: "We believe that the risks are now biased on the upside" and it would keep its forecast for U.S., light, sweet crude in the final quarter of this year unchanged at $75 a barrel.
Crude futures have fallen 17% since they hit a high in mid-July of $78.40/bbl, as concerns about a slowdown in economies, a perceived easing of tension in the Middle East and healthy fuel stockpiles came together.
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Old 12-22-2017,
3YSavXm4lk 3YSavXm4lk is offline
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-The Intelligent Investor (must read for fundamental analysis/value invest)
-One up on wall street (must read for stock picking insight)
-Reminiscence of a stock operator (must read for traders)
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Old 12-23-2017,
admin admin is offline
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i also have ideas about the currency and credit markets, and have some good stuff about how the rise of the fx markets threatens to remove monetary policy from central banks. could be they are fighting back with what they have left- gold/ precious metal reserves? hope some of this helps and good luck all!
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