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Old 12-22-2017,
aeytovareschClawl aeytovareschClawl is offline
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I decided to start a little discussion that maybe we can look back on and see who is right. When are we going to bottom out? are we there now, or we still have a ways to go, or is it more of a time issue? i personally have no idea, I either see this thing ending soon or we are going to have a longgggggggggg downtrend, people I think are a little worried we might see 2000 all over again, hope not but lets wait and see...
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Old 12-23-2017,
aegoqadsauq aegoqadsauq is offline
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Default Where is the bottom? When is the bottom?

I know things look good over the last few days. I am a student of history, and can remember when a new Fed chairman Greenspan took us into a recession to prove the point he was tough on inflation. Perhaps chariman Bernake is wise enough to learn from the mistakes of his iconic predecesor. Perhaps macro events and conditions trump any good Bernake could do. I feel things are tougher for the US now as compared to then. I also think globaly we are in uncharted waters. I don't think anyone ever won long term predicting the end, but i do think short term we are at a critical point financially. I think discipline and creativity are your friends. I also think most of the damage will be done sooner as opposed to later, and by early 2008 we will be back to close to where we were at the start of 2006.
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Old 12-24-2017,
AdelePeter AdelePeter is offline
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So short answer i see a pretty steep way down till late 2006, a base forming through 2007 with upward momentum into 2008. I also assume that things will get better in Iraq sooner as opposed to later, Bernake learns how to address the media, options back-dating is cooling rather than heating, there are no LTC style dead bodies, US housing doesn't melt down and US business continues to overcome inflation. So despite the pain, a pretty soft landing before better days. Just my thoughts, hope to hear what everyone has to say.
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Old 12-25-2017,
AdelaideCh AdelaideCh is offline
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I think we spend the rest of the year fluctuating like we are now, probably with lower highs, lower lows after its all said and done, with what will be a steady downward trend.

After the elections in November, and an attack on Iran, the country will really feel the issue, and will probably take us down to umm 8000 on the DOW? I say that just because the cost of oil will skyrocket and the market will be scared of all the possible terrorism retaliation from Iran and supporters.

I really hope this does not happen, but for some reason, I just don't see Iran giving in to western politics, and the government, still secretly controlled by the World Bank, will be pushed to attack Iran, in a bombing campaign much like the first Persian Gulf War, which in turn makes the EURO stronger(World Bank happy), dollar weaker, and the USA crippled by over $100 a barrel for the winter months.

Far-fetched? Probably. Possible? I think so
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Old 12-27-2017,
AdellDiede AdellDiede is offline
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It is my belief that the Fed with its' penchant for constantly overshooting the mark will once again drive us into a recession in '07. The market will drop below 10,000 to a range between 9000 - 9500. Recessions traditionally last somewhere close to 18 months but nothing is as it has been in the past and this recession may set a precedent for longivity.

The situation in Iran will deteriorate further into a civil war that will not be contained. The position of the United States will become untenable and a gradual withdrawal (at the request of the Iraqi government) will take place.
The situation in Iran will hopefully be resolved. A war with Iran would be catastrophic ........ it would escalate into a war involving the entire Islamic world.
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Old 12-27-2017,
Adjistyync Adjistyync is offline
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Trading volitility will escalate and slight gains in the market will be followed immediately by profit taking. The Dow will remain within a 50 point trading range once it has hit the 9000 bottom.

Oil will remain a constant factor and events in oil producing countries will result in erratic swings in the market.

I really hope I am wrong ....... I would be very happy to admit that I am no Nostradamus !
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Old 12-28-2017,
admin admin is offline
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Hey O.B., just checking in, been kinda busy...
Just my opinion, but don't you think it's just so damned amazing that mankind, in general, just cannot, for the life of me, resist they're own self-destruction...The great colleges, institutions, thinktanks, political parties, old & new, religions, movements; green/new age/spiritualism/enviromental activism, etc... have been trying since, " forever " and they just don't seem to be " making a difference " we as a species are just not enlightened and have no desire or energy to change...
I consider myself an optimist, always have, but at this point, I see nothing but ugliness ahead...
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