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Old 12-24-2017,
aaaapolon aaaapolon is offline
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Default FTSE 100 Resilience and DAX hit

The catch is, now that we've seen a higher number of small cap runners the past few weeks, it may actually be an overall market pullback sign as traders are trying to shift gears as you noted in your first post due to lack of market volatility. If small cap shippers start to blow up, game over SPY.

You know a good study would be to back-test the percentage of small cap large gainers over time and see if any true correlation exists between excessive runs vs market tops.

Another thing to keep in mind is short ability AFTER its on the back side (shorting early can kill an account on these things), or if stock carries substance, then another leg higher once initial hype wares off and some multi-day support level firms, as I suggested on SGYP last week.
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Old 12-26-2017,
AdrianneSu AdrianneSu is offline
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Heh...sometimes one must adapt. I'll short when I see the chance but TDA isn't the best at finding shares to borrow in the small/mid cap arena.

I've often said short term price action can have it's advantages....it's the "buy/sell because you think you know something" that I still have a problem with.
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Old 12-27-2017,
Артема755213 Артема755213 is offline
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OXGN out at 1.45

CERE came up on big volume jumped in @2.63 had a helluva run but got shook out when dip started to look like reversal @3.10 Had to use a day trade on this one but it paid off.
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Old 12-28-2017,
AddieKaur5 AddieKaur5 is offline
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Ye....still bangin my head against the wall for missing OHGI. Saw it pre market and decided to not risk my last day trade on it as it had spiked earlier in the previous day. Looked at it again at 2.65 and decided it was over extended and I hate getting down to zero days trades...in case of emergency.....oh well. And my DSL was down all day at the shop so I was dead in the water on news feeds and scans except for watching chats and twits from my phone. There's always another one...

Tomorrow 29th:
KIRI moving on nearly no volume,,,worth watching.

SGNL showed renewed strength second half of day. Definite maybe.

AMRN spiked on news then consolidated into previous support. (this one I missed as my phone app is not fast enough to give me confidence to trade the quick draw, will watch for continuation)

GEVO watch for cont

OPXA sold off for most of the day but had some interest after hours. Quite possibly.
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Old 12-28-2017,
AddieMarry AddieMarry is offline
Join Date: Jun 2017
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TBIO my better half hit this one at 2.34 early this morn and got out at 3.20...nice one.
DCTH I managed to eek out a little one here in at 1.53 and out at 1.66 ....Thought I was being smart by holding though a dip but it started to look ugly. Turned out to be a decent exit....hard to paint the ceiling.
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