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Old 12-30-2017,
AdriannaI5 AdriannaI5 is offline
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Default Cramer's sources of information

Does anyone know what the best site is to get the research or company info that Jim talks about in his book or on his show? He has mentioned that he reads Investors Business Daily, but does anyone know where the best source is to find a companys Earnings, P/E, Growth, etc... (the homework he is always talking about us doing)?
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Old 12-30-2017,
AdrianDaf AdrianDaf is offline
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He has a subscription to Bloomberg. That's where he gets his info. The free crap like Yahoo and MSN are decent but Bloomberg is where its at. It's pricey, but if you wanna be like Cramer get youself some Bloomberg.

btw, homework means simply investigating the company. There is no one source for all the homework he's talking about. Bloomberg might give you the financials but there are myriad sources of info about companies. Some sources, the ones that can make you the most $ are quite obscure. If you want to get in on the ground floor you gotta sift through all the mass market crap to find the diamond in the rough so to speak. Sources as large as The New York Times can make you money and as small as some onlike journal who tells of a recent development before everyone else. It isn't easy, that's why in his books he's always talking about out working people.
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Old 12-31-2017,
Артема755213 Артема755213 is offline
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That's what I was trying to get at. It sounded like the OP wanted a one-stop-shop for info. The point is there is no such thing. Anything can trigger an idea and homework is work. You gotta look everywhere. But if he wants to know where Jimmy is getting his financial data its Bloomberg.
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Old 01-01-2018,
Addiestutt Addiestutt is offline
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Growth rate numbers are available anywhere. To arrive at this number you simply look at sales and do the math quarterly or annual.

The better question is how does he determine a p/e multiple. Why is one sector worth a 50 p/e and another only 20 p/e?

For my money I would not buy a Google which makes nothing material (Like Enron) at 40 p/e when I can buy GE (who makes everything (tangible propert)) at 21 p/e!
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Old 01-03-2018,
AddieLowe AddieLowe is offline
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First post here

But, what a great way to check my understanding of what determines a p/e mulitple.

From my basic understanding:

P/E mutliple's biggest determining factor is a sector's or industry's prospensity for growth. This is most likely due to that a majority of investments are made in the stock market for gaining capital apperciation.

So, an industry such as internet information (google, Yahoo) have a lot more room for growth as more and more people use the interenet. Hence, this industry will have the 50-80 type of P/E's

On the flipside, the grocery industry is pretty well established (Safeway, Kroger). So, people invest in these type of companies for the yeild and typically trade at lower P/E's because this industry is in a maturation stage.

( I just reread this chapter in Real Money, I believe this is mostly accruate conveys my undertanding of of this)

But with that being said, I would also like know some of the other sources for stock ideas.

Msnmoney is great imho, it also gives you links to the company's website where most companies keep a .pdf of there financials and outlooks. Typically, under a term such as investor realtions. (Personally, if a company doesn't keep these available online I probably wouldn't buy the stock but you can call and get them mailed to you as well) I guess I believe that checking these calculations for yourself is a good homework pratice.
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