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Old 02-14-2018,
awnvycdscnb awnvycdscnb is offline
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Default Trade Analysis

I've spent a long time (too long some might say) learning about trading, deciding on a style of trading best suited to my personality, learning about money management and getting together all the tool I'll need for trading.

Well, finally, I've started to paper trade my system. Obviously I'm now recording all my trades in order to analyse what went right and what went wrong. And this leads me to my question.

What do you look at to decide if you are trading well?

Is it...
Your average profit?
The stability of your trades?
Your capital exposure?
Your Equity Line?
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Old 02-17-2018,
AXASuzanne AXASuzanne is offline
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Those are the only 3 rules you need to work by.

One more to bear in mind is "Am I getting out of a losing trade where I said I would and not giving it a little bit more room then I was going to."

Don't even think about this one. Just act when it's time to get out. Ignoring this one will cost you more than you think. Remember: "The first cut is the cheapest."
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Old 02-17-2018,
axaiecum axaiecum is offline
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Thanks for the replies, but I consider those rules part of my system.

I always enter when my system says enter.
I always exit when my system says exit.
I always follow the money management rules I've set myself.
and yes, I am making money (not much but definitely up)

What I was really asking was how can I tell that this system, money management, entry and exit signals are doing well (other than how much money it's making)... or is this the only criteria?

I know there are lots of measures and ratios (Sharps, Ulcer, K-ratio, drawdowns, annual return etc) i was just wondering if anyone uses them and if so which ones.
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