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Old 02-21-2018,
Abnormal Returns Abnormal Returns is offline
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Default SBC . . . oops, I mean T

Wall street is an interesting animal. You see a lot of the herd mentality w/ brokers, institutionals, hedge funds, and mutual fund managers chasing performance and trying to look good in the eyes of their investors. I think that is why investors like Warren Buffett have been so successful...he doesn't buy based on the current hot stock. He buys companies based on value and fundamentals. Might not work for everyone but it has for him.
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Old 02-24-2018,
abookzSl abookzSl is offline
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Cramer's views regarding the market and the inner workings of wall street is of definite interest to me. Try reading "Reminisence of a Stock Operator" a fun read into the world of plunging and stock manipulation.
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Old 02-24-2018,
abovuzugei abovuzugei is offline
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DIW- Your observation regarding oil and gold are valid. I would also throw in that they are rising at the same time as the fed is tightening by raising interest rates. Kudlow refers to this tandem every knight as the infamous Greenspan "knundrum". I stayed out of gold for that very reason and yet here we are at 500. Go figure. I've discovered that what I don't understand has a tendancy to burn me.
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Old 02-27-2018,
9Md2AJArgs 9Md2AJArgs is offline
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I've also concluded that stock fundamentals just seem to be the justification for perceived value and technicals seem to be wishful symbolic indicators. It's been my perception that people are more pessimistic then optimistic with market trends so I think generally there is more downward pressure then upward. But I can't really think in terms of shorting. So upward and onward!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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