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Old 02-18-2018,
usaqotaza usaqotaza is offline
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yes, i agree with all of you. i really dislike it - it's too glitzy and sci-fi like. i know they want to make it state-of-the-art and very business like, but now it's too glitzy. it's like watching an NFL game on Fox - with all those sounds and clings and graphics along the top. also, the ticker i find hard to decipher -- it seems like they just pick like 10 stocks and keep them in a loop. i hope they change it to something a little more calm and toned-down.
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Old 02-19-2018,
uzukesu uzukesu is offline
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Default december 29, 1999

IT SUCKS!! Those stupid sounds drive me crazy. The strip on the top gets cut off on a regular TV. The ticker is OK. Send them a email and bitch...I did.
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Old 02-20-2018,
oqodofij oqodofij is offline
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Don't like it! But hey, it's the new millenium, we gotsta change with the times.
Horrible line up for new squawk box...
Mark Haines, Ted David, Steve Liesman, Bob Pisani, Ron Insana and Rick Santelli are the absoulute best. Ultimate line-up, IMHO
Love Becky's dreamy eyes...
and I'm absoulutely fascinated with Liz Claman, beauthy & brains...
Let's not forget Kudlow, I make it a point to never miss his show...
Which brings us to Jim Cramer, I've stopped watching, his picks are really out there...Used to just watch lightning round, now I' don't even check...
Just curious if any of the old timers on this board still watch his show?
My take anyway on a ho hum market day... after yesterday afternoon's ugliness, pretty much cashed out for the year...
Take it ez
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Old 02-21-2018,
Sergioei Sergioei is offline
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Itâ‚„s not for me. I had to call viewer services, at 877-251-5685 and let them know- because I just canâ‚„t watch for very long now, as my eyes get so tired.

Beth Ann
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Old 02-22-2018,
terrenceeusebiob88 terrenceeusebiob88 is offline
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Never miss Cramer...jot down his picks, or make "stupid" offerings in the evening if i am still at my desk. Never, ever buy them; usually short them if they get frothy...like ATI (isn't that a recycle for him?) today; KNBWY last night. If we get the list early we'll take a position, and then sell it out into the buyers in the evening. We make money off of Creamer, but not in the way he expects...
New CNBC format is horrible. Lack of any "grown-ups" in the morning is pretty lame. Maria is my favorite to dislike...is it just me, or is she a pig with a lisp or a pierced tongue?
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