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Old 02-25-2018,
efefeekuur efefeekuur is offline
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Default Cramer's 25 Rules & 10 Commandments for Investing

I thought I'd post these on here, because it seems a lot of people watching the show, talking about it, and trading on Cramer's recs haven't read them. I have really found them helpful, at time. If you want further explanations, buy the book or follow this link:

Cramer's 25 Rules for Investing

Rule No. 1: Bulls, Bears Make Money, Pigs Get Slaughtered
It's essential for all traders to know when to take some off the table. More

Rule No. 2: It's OK to Pay the Taxes
Stop fearing the tax man and start fearing the loss man because gains can be fleeting. More
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Old 02-25-2018,
euxunarmz euxunarmz is offline
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Rule No. 3: Don't Buy All at Once
To maximize your profits, stage your buys, work your orders and try to get the best price over time. More

Rule No. 4: Buy Damaged Stocks, Not Damaged Companies
There are no refunds on Wall Street, so do your research and focus your trades on damaged stocks rather than companies. More

Rule No. 5: Diversify to Control Risk
If you control the downside and diversify your holdings, the upside will take care of itself. More

Rule No. 6: Do Your Stock Homework
Before you buy any stock, it's important to research all aspects of the company. More

Rule No. 7: No One Made a Dime by Panicking
There will always be a better time to leave the table, so it is best to avoid the fleeing masses. More
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Old 02-27-2018,
upifohaex upifohaex is offline
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Rule No. 8: Buy Best-of-Breed Companies
Investing in the more expensive stock is invariably worth it because you get piece of mind. More

Rule No. 9: Defend Some Stocks, Not All
When trading gets tough, pick your favorite stocks and defend only those. More

Rule No. 10: Bad Buys Won't Become Takeovers
Bad companies never get bids, so it's the good fundamentals you need to focus on. More

Rule No. 11: Don't Own Too Many Names
It can be constraining, but it's better to have a few positions you know well and like. More

Rule No. 12: Cash Is for Winners
If you don't like the market or have anything compelling to buy, it's never wrong to go with cash. More

Rule No. 13: No Woulda, Shoulda, Couldas
This damaging emotion is destructive to the positive mindset needed to make investment decisions. More

Rule No. 14: Expect, Don't Fear Corrections
It is not always clear when a correction will strike, so expect and be prepared for one at all times. More

Rule No. 15: Don't Forget Bonds
It's important to watch more than stocks, and bonds are stocks' direct competition. More

Rule No. 16: Never Subsidize Losers With Winners
Any trader stuck in this position would do well to sell sinking stocks and wait a day. More
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Old 02-28-2018,
odoliforehapi odoliforehapi is offline
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Rule No. 17: Check Hope at the Door
Hope is emotion, pure and simple, and trading is not a game of emotion. More

Rule No. 18: Be Flexible
Recognize and be open to the unexpected shifts in the market because business, by nature, is dynamic, not static. More

Rule No. 19: When the Chiefs Retreat, So Should You
High-level executives don't quit a company for personal reasons, so that is a sign something is wrong. More

Rule No. 20: Giving Up on Value Is a Sin
If you don't have patience, think about letting someone who does run your money. More

Rule No. 21: Be a TV Critic
Accept that what you hear on television is probably right, but no more than that. More

Rule No. 22: Wait 30 Days After Preannouncements
Pre announcements signal ongoing weakness, wait 30 days to see if anything has gotten better before you pull the trigger to buy. More

Rule No. 23: Beware of Wall Street Hype
Never underestimate the promotion machine because analysts get behind stocks and can keep them propelled in an up direction well beyond reason. More

Rule No. 24: Explain Your Picks
Buying stocks is a solitary event, too solitary in fact, so always make sure you can articulate your reasoning to someone else. More
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