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Old 02-26-2018,
aeqyjhjr31 aeqyjhjr31 is offline
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Default Semi's are nice

A few of my favorites are :
SMDI up over 400% in 12 months. I was late to get in on this one at about $8 and now above $12, reports earnings 6/1. Looking for upside into the $20's going into 2007

ANAD up over 500% in 12 months. Return to profitability in 3rd quarter highly likely and earnings quadrupling to .80 is reasonable expectations for 2007-2008. I was in this one in mid $2's and have ridden in 9 months to mid $8's. Looking to be well into double digits by end of year and above $20 going into 2007-2008

Others tout the benefits of RFMD, SWKS, and TQNT being up about 100% in 12 months, but ANAD has greater long term prospects and has the others beat hands down.

They have been down a bit last week, but had a nice day Friday, and showing tremendous stamina in the current markets. Look for a breakout to a new 52 week high in ANAD next week into the mid 9's.
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Old 02-27-2018,
aesterzqo aesterzqo is offline
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i got in anad at like 8.90. Im down right now, but I like the stock and think it will go up!
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Old 03-01-2018,
aeytovareschClawl aeytovareschClawl is offline
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You're down a little, but if you just ride the ups and downs and hold onto ANAD on into 2007 and beyond, you'll make a bundle on it too.

In the future one of the best pieces of advice I could give you, " don't buy all your shares at once !"
More times than not, you'll see the price drop after you buy. Almost all stocks have a point in a 90 day period when they will pullback at least 5% or more, before moving on to higher ground. That's when you add to your position, buying on the dips. It pays to buy in 1/4's and add along the way. As you save and add cash to your account, use it to increase your position on the dips as well.
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Old 03-02-2018,
afayute afayute is offline
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Care to elaborate a little more on these two companies and why they have the edge over the others?
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Old 03-03-2018,
afdaoqalub afdaoqalub is offline
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those semis look real good, i might do a lil research tonight and get in one tommorow to start gaining my money back from SLW. you think its a good time to get into it???
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