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Old 02-13-2018,
Avalanchewwx Avalanchewwx is offline
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Default Strategy development

I thought it might be useful to begin a thread for developing strategies for P,V,S/R, S/D.
P= price
V= volume
S/R= support/resistance
S/D= supply/demand
BO= breakout
PB= pullback
We recently had a good example of a BO followed by a PB.

Q. What are some appropriate rules, that would have allowed entry, in the correct direction, and making a profit.

what was the setup?
What was the entry trigger?
What was the initial stop loss?
What are the conditions for exits?

Just as well get ready for the next one.

One chart shows before and after, the other one shows decision time.
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Old 02-14-2018,
Avalanchezry Avalanchezry is offline
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Excellent idea. If I may make a suggestion, tho, using TLs with something that trades 24/7 may trip you up more often than it helps. Note here, for example, that price seems to find S at the TL. However, that TL was breached hours before. The S is found instead in that support zone that you like, the one from the previous afternoon.
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Old 02-15-2018,
avidinuq avidinuq is offline
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Just a suggestion that you type out the full meaning before moving to abbreviations.

I know how frustratiing it can be for new entrants when trying to understand posts with abbreviations.

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Old 02-16-2018,
AVEApek AVEApek is offline
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Thank you for the edit

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Old 02-19-2018,
aWhorgobok aWhorgobok is offline
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Perhaps I over estimated the need of traders to do these type of exercises.
Nevertheless, I know this sort of thing helps me, even though it may be a review of what I already know.

The first thing I see, is a steep down trend, which, on a daily basis, prints a long range bar, with the close being at the bottom of the range.
The low of Fri's. action is acting as a resistance area, for Mon's. am price action.
Price is struggling to make lower low's.( lwr/lo's getting rejected?)

Can anybody confirm my observations? Or better yet, add to them?

Note: I made a mistake on the days, in my first attempt. it's now correct.
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