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Old 02-21-2018,
Abnormal Returns Abnormal Returns is offline
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Default Agree with Cramer that CTHR is a mon back...

I don't short stocks, either, or play with options. Just buy and sell. The one big mistake I've been making, and continue to make, is not getting into titanium (TIE.) Look at it, up $3.75 again, today!! 8O

Earlier, I put a post on here about the candlestick charts, but I don't see it, maybe I didn't hit "submit." I've been looking at americanbulls.com to try and learn about the technicals of the daily trading action. Finding good entry points is my big problem, like Optimus was saying, so I thought if I understood that part of it a little better, it might help. Sometimes Cramer mentions them and sometimes he doesn't, that is where a lot of people watching his show and following his advice have lost money, I think.
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Old 02-24-2018,
abovuzugei abovuzugei is offline
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I wish he'd discuss commodities a little more, if we are going to talk about international investing, that is the area I am most interested in. Metals, for one. But I totally agree with what you're saying about gold, NatGas, it is running contrary to what I think it should be doing and you know, some of those analysts who keep trying to explain why, are falling flat as duds on my ears. I think they are trying to hype it and they are making NO SENSE. Even so, that is where the herd is running... and where they go, profits can be seen.
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Old 02-24-2018,
abookzSl abookzSl is offline
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LOL this is good reading. Many of the people on here who don't like Cramer have been DEAD wrong with their own picks. (Won't name any names but you know who you are ) Everyone thinks they know it all...

Like I said in a previous post on a different thread and many people have said on here... its simple. Do your own research. And if the stock goes down 15% 2 weeks after you buy it big deal! If its a stock you still like buy more!! Dont panic and sell and then come on here and b!tch because someone told you to buy it and lost money. Cramer gives you ideas! If you go out and buy everything he says you deserve to lose your money.
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