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Old 02-17-2018,
Street Authority Street Authority is offline
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Default CWPC moving higher

Off to a great start im looking for 2.40 soon. This is a great long term play on oil and gas imo. Good luck
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Old 02-19-2018,
ChrisSomething ChrisSomething is offline
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I'm enjoying the ride. I'll buy more on the next pullback. I need to learn more about this company though. And I still feel like I need to learn more about the possibilities (or lack of) for government interference in businesses in China - especially ones as potentially important as this one.
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Old 02-21-2018,
Joshua Brown Joshua Brown is offline
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Have you been to their site canwestpetroleum.com lots of info there. Make sure you read about Mr. Hopkins he used to be with Synenco energy and is one of the top oilmen in canada. Take a look at what he did for Synenco. CWPC needs to get thru 2.40 if it does its off and running imo. I added again today and it was hard to get orders filled at the ask. Good luck
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