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Old 02-23-2018,
JohnTrader JohnTrader is offline
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Default Remember VION

I think a few of us had a little juggle with VION a few months back and I came out of it with a massive 0.1% gain! :?

Well we got the timing a bit wrong back then. But I'm looking at the chart and it's really really ready for a pop from 1.84 to around 2.16. That's a half decent 17% ping and you might get more if it breaks through resistance there (which it didn't do the last time so better chance this time.)
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Old 02-24-2018,
smithy smithy is offline
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Do you agree or disagree TCG? (I actually don't have any cash for this at the moment I'm willing to play it vicariously through someone else! :wink: )
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Old 02-24-2018,
Harry Aloof Harry Aloof is offline
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I'm obviously not the one and only Guru, but I definitely agree with ya. I've been watchin' this one off and on for a little while now...

VION is very much oversold. The MACD lines are showing a possible crossover just under the centerline, which could carry above centerline to activate a 'positive' signal. It's just starting to move up slowly from the *new* 52 week low of 1.78 as well. Also, some analysts are pitching a 'strong buy', but as I'm sure you know, no matter what analysts say, always do your homework...

Everything looks real good for VION. I'm thinkin' a nice pop to at least 2.00 by tomorrow or next week, so I will be watchin' this one. I'm lookin' to buy some shares real soon.
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