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Old 01-03-2018,
aapedZer aapedZer is offline
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Default SIRI - Sirius Satelite Radio

Mr. Mel Karmazin will be on Jim Cramer's Mad Money tomorrow.

Howard Stern - 01.09.06 - T-Minus 41 Days + 60 Minutes

Martha Stewart - Advice and inspiration from Martha and her team of lifestyle experts on Martha Stewart Living // Ch. 131 coming this fall.

Bam Margera - Join the star of Jackass and Viva La Bam as he shares his warped vision of the world, every week on Faction // Ch. 28.

Eminem - Check out Shade 45 // Ch. 45, the ultimate uncensored hip-hop channel created by Eminem and SIRIUS, featuring 50 Cent's G-Unit Radio on Saturdays.

Lance Armstrong - Hear one of the world's greatest athletes share experiences, speak with listeners and guests, and play his favorite music Sunday nights on Armstrong Radio on Faction // Ch. 28

Tony Hawk - Tune in to Tony Hawk's Demolition Radio as he shreds the airwaves Tuesday nights on Faction // Ch. 28.

CNBC - Jim Cramer Mad Money

NASCAR - 2007

S50 (New) - MP3 Player + Satelite Radio

Sirius is definately the underdog in comparison with XM Radio.

Call me an optimist but I think I see the silver lining and I also see room for growth and subscribers.
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Old 01-06-2018,
Aaallenenund Aaallenenund is offline
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# 60 Minutes - Sunday, December 4
# The Today Show - Tuesday, December 6 AND Wednesday, December 7
# Saturday Night Live - TBA
# The Daily Show with Jon Stewart - TBA
# The O'Reilly Factor - TBA
# Larry King Live - TBA

# Newsweek - TBA(soon though)
# Esquire - TBA (soon though)
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Old 01-07-2018,
9Wn6x5pIol 9Wn6x5pIol is offline
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I have a quick question, if someone would be kind enough to answer me.
I bought SIRI this spring when it was low on my son's recommendation and plan on keeping it for now.
Personally, I can not stand to listen to H.S.'s filthiness yet understand the fact that people enjoy different things.
Since I really don't understand SIRI or XM that much other than what I get on my DISH network for channel choices from SIRI my question is:
Can someone subscribe to SIRI and never have to listen to H.S, or will he be featured on different channels?
Because he's on my DISH, but I never have to tune into listen to his filth, which is great, and I am hoping that subscribers have the same choice for the sake of the stock.
Thank you for any help in clearing this up for me!
Beth Ann
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Old 01-07-2018,
5rJHpj7i27 5rJHpj7i27 is offline
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My husband made the comment after seeing the show on SIRI that people subscribe to satellite radio so they won't have to hear gibberish like Howard Stern's.

Cramer also forgot to ask Mel about the parents who will cancel their subscriptions, if Stern gets as filthy as he did on cable tv. He's going to have to do a real balancing act to pull this one off and Mel is a little bit over the edge when it comes to the "sex sells" routine, didn't help VIA much. I was a stockholder and it never did recover after that, it's worth about half now.
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Old 01-08-2018,
58695236 58695236 is offline
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sorry beth ann, I don't see how you can subscribe and not get the howard channel... Just don't turn on that channel, if you have kids driving at 17 then I 'm sure they have parental controls like cable., I'm not too concerned since my kids hear worst at school and worst on there cds'

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