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Old 01-06-2018,
agwerefbe agwerefbe is offline
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Default Sirius Stock

I only watch his show to get ideas and I've only made money daytrading some of his picks. Other than that, I sometimes think he's crazy when he recommends certain stocks that I wouldn't even touch at the price he's recommending it. Ie. SHLD, DNA, & AMGN. I sold off AMGN during the runup before Cramer recommended it.

He even issued a bearish comment on PDLI which was my biggest gainer this year after I sold it at over 100% profit.
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Old 01-07-2018,
ahiuyafiniai ahiuyafiniai is offline
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Here's where it might get interesting. I made some commentary at one of the general market direction boards at this site over the weekend that last week's Nasdaq low would be taken out this week. That happened today. I also said that we will see the energy sector separating from the market in general. Last week everything was down early and then up late in the week. Today the energy sector is up, the Nas is down, ahhhh, sweet separation! If the rest of my assumption comes true we may have a situation where Cramer is stuck in a catch 22. In order for AAPL to rally off today's low (whatever that turns out to be) it will more than likely have to generate a good earnings report tonight. And it may also need the extra help of falling energy stocks and prices to make a new 52 week high. So although Cramer may be partially correct about AAPL and possibly some other tech. He may have to pay in a big way with his long term buy and "homework" call on the energy sector right up at the tippy top. I hope my scenario takes place. I love watching Cramer's veins pop during the Mad Money show! :lol:
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Old 01-10-2018,
AhmadHodge AhmadHodge is offline
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AAPL gettin slam dunked in AH trading. I wonder if Cramer is gonna be wearing an APPL, CPST, SWKS, and PLAY sticky on his forehead during tonight's Mad Money show. Look at PLAY getting nailed in particular! WOW! Maybe Cramer should just hang a sheet of notepad paper across his mugg and just make a list of butt whooped pigs! :lol: Anybody gonna call in and ask him to ring the hawg button already?!! If he says sell it's probably about the only advice that can save the faithful now! BOOOYAHOOO JIM! BOOOOOYAAAAHOOOOOOOO! LMAO!!
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Old 01-10-2018,
AdellNim9 AdellNim9 is offline
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Well I guess everyone that owns tech can rest a bit easier tonight since Cramer basically passed over AAPL, except to say it was down a "couple bucks" until the guy who whispers in his ear through the wire told him it was "down four actually" in time for Cramer to make the adjustment :lol: Why do I say the AAPL longs were lucky? Because Jim didn't say anything, and at this point it is best that he doesn't say a thing about the stock you own :wink: Someone did ask about a natgas play that Cramer originally said to buy and created a rally to like 12.00 I think it was. It is now trading 30% lower. Cramer said to buy it tonight. Even though he just yesterday said to look for more pain in the sector. And the prices are higher today than yesterday. Sound like good advice to you? Does anyone know which natgas stock I am speaking of? I'd be a tad concerned about it since he did mention it. And of course Cramer is "the reverse indicator" 8O
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Old 01-11-2018,
admin admin is offline
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Not a bad strategy optimus! Let me refine it a little further. Cramer normally says to buy things that are trading close to a 52 week high. So even when the stock turns against him and he says sell, the stock is still more than likely long term overvalued. But you can trade his sell calls and try and catch the selloff as low as possible on the stuff that is up near a 52 week high. The best Cramer "buy the sell" calls are the ones he likes that are trading near 52 week lows. Believe it or not he actually makes some buy calls like that. LU, CMGI, JDSU, just to name 3. Like he just said to buy JDSU when it was at like 2.15 for instance. It ran to 2.40+ a day or so after his buy call. When JDSU trades to the point where it gets cut in 1/2 from Cramer's 2.15 buy point he may just say sell! Buy that selloff below 1.00! :wink:
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