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Old 01-12-2018,
aesterzqo aesterzqo is offline
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If next weeks oil inventory report is anything like yesterdays report oil will see $70 real quick imo. Lots of talk on nat gas going back up too. CWPC having another great day hope to see 6.50 soon. ERHE stuck at .82 CKEI at .03 looks good on that news. SU leading the way and check the news out this morning on SRGG one of DWOG's partners in the canadian oil sands.
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Old 01-13-2018,
Aeracerap Aeracerap is offline
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Default sttk drops 18% on news

SU leading the way again and cwpc is following right along with it. CWPC looks like 7 is in the bag and alot more l/t imo. Keep your eye on ERHE next week should be more news out on the signing of 2 more blocks which will make it 5 signed blocks and 5 more to be signed. Good luck
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Old 01-14-2018,
AbdulSalci AbdulSalci is offline
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Yep both are good but CWPC is the canadian oil sands leader for the next 10 years imo. Just like SU was the leader the last 10 years. CWPC look for 50 l/t and ERHE who nows how high this one will go as they must be sitting on 10 bil barrels of oil. Good luck
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Old 01-15-2018,
aeyelifurepe aeyelifurepe is offline
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Well you have to start somewhere and cwpc started out small thats why they trade on the nasd as a bb. I don't know to find any stocks that go up 3000% in a year or two other then bb's or the pink sheets. Now you can wait a few weeks and buy cwpc on the amex but it might be 10 by then. Do some research on cwpc the guy calling the shots came from SU and he helped take SU from 3 to 80. I would not put my life savings in a bb but a little mad money on a stock like cwpc or erhe and some of the others is well worth the risk imo. ERHE was .30 a few months ago and my guess is when the news comes out it will go over $1 and from there who knows as they could be sitting on billions of barrels of oil and it looks like 70 dollar oil is right around the corner. Good luck
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Old 01-16-2018,
admin admin is offline
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Thats right 3 full time employees and you can bet they won't be doing the drilling. They own a % of the rights to 10 blocks and are signing deals with other oil companys to do all the work. They signed up 1 of china's oil companys in one of the blocks. Now chevron has rights to 1 block and they are spliting that with another oil company. Do you get the picture here almost like cwpc working with another company who is doing most of the work. Risk vs. reward this just might be one of those 3000% gainers or you just might lose 30 or 40 cents per share. Good luck and do some more research on this one.
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