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Old 01-15-2018,
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Default Alert *SSSU*

Business Plan:

The business plan of Global 1 is to act as a holding company for the strategic business units: Global 1 Entertainment, Global 1 Financial Services, and Global 1 Real Estate. Each of the business units will operate independently and have its own business plan.

Global 1 Entertainment:

Global 1 Entertainment business model is to produce, finance and distribute independent feature films and videos. Global 1 will finance its projects using our previously announced Tax Credit Fund and from a specially focus Entertainment Reg. E Fund. The Reg. E Fund will provide the infrastructure development for the production company and the Tax Credit Fund will provide the financing for the projects.
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Old 01-16-2018,
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Global 1 Real Estate:

Global 1 Real Estate will act to find and develop distressed real estate assets for portfolio or repositioning in the market. Global Franchising Corp. is the first company to be developed by the unit. A Reg. E Fund with a real estate focus will finance the development of Global Franchising Corp. and other companies with a real estate focus.

Dividend Distribution Plan:

Our plan is to develop companies from which a portion of the equity will be spun off to the shareholders as dividends of distributions. Our plan is to distribute up to 25% of each company and to have each company trade under its own symbol with Global 1 Investment Holdings maintaining majority ownership in each company.
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Old 01-17-2018,
Abem Chanu Ningombamjeor Abem Chanu Ningombamjeor is offline
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Name and Symbol Changes:

We have been notified by the NASDAQ officials our name change, CUSIP number and symbol changes have been accepted and we will trade under the new name of Global 1 Investment Holdings Corporation with symbol GOIH effective November 13, 2006 opening of business.

Reg. E Funds:

We will launch the first Reg. E Fund as soon as the audit is complete. We have several companies and concepts we will invest in for future dividend distributions by the first Reg. E Funds. We are committed to increasing the value of GOIH to $.35- $0.75 via spin-offs of Reg. E developed companies.

Effects on Shareholders:

The new name and symbol will have no effect on the shares currently owned in your accounts. The name change will be automatic by your broker and you will own the same number of shares of GOIH as you owned of SSSU. TD Ameritrade customer should attempt to purchase the shares of GOIH on Monday.
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Old 01-18-2018,
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Dividend Declaration:

Per our recent conversations with NASDAQ officials we are delaying the record date and the payment procedure of our recently declared dividend. We will announce the new process for our shareholders to receive the dividend as soon as the details are worked out with NASDAQ officials.

Physical Certificates:

DO NOT order physical certificates from your broker until notified by the Company.

We are committed to awarding the current dividend, and we have several other concepts in development from which we will award dividends in cash and shares to our loyal shareholders.
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Old 01-19-2018,
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Just when I thought there was no lower level to sink to, you tout this. A company that never traded above a penny announces a $.75/ share dividend (in stock and cash). The stock skyrockets to a nickel, the company claims naked shorts are at work and changes the name of the company, and the primary business of the company. More nonsense about certificates and whether one should order them to get the dividend or not. And a 24 month waiting period on the dividend to boot.
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