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Old 01-18-2018,
5GArz2nS9x 5GArz2nS9x is offline
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Default Getting started..

Cramer is not the only analyst on tv, the internet or in newspapers... is it dangerous to watch them, too? Investing in Wall Street is not like going to Disneyland, so let's get real about that. If it was so easy and risk free, we'd all be millionaires. :lol:
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Old 01-18-2018,
3susazmexvqhqkh 3susazmexvqhqkh is offline
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I thought of a way to try to test the reliablity of cramer, to see how bad he is doing...I will open a fantasy account on investopedia.com and buy 10 shares of everything he is bullish about, hold it for a fixed period of time say one month (as he suggests on his radioshow, Real Money), unless he prescribes a length or gives it a bear. I wonder how it will work out. Personally, i'm a cramer fan but i want to be as objective as possible about the content of his show.
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Old 01-19-2018,
4byra6ka_tub 4byra6ka_tub is offline
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gotta be carefull, sometimes he says "wait for it to fall, then buy" so your test still will be partly subjective

or even harder to track, when he says "buy in chunks as it goes up," that one will be very subjective to judge
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Old 01-20-2018,
2Tu3yyckcU 2Tu3yyckcU is offline
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even Cramer's show itself shows where he was right and where he was wrong (I think it's every Friday, they do that)

personally I'd rather listen to a style like Cramer's than listen to some dry monotone guy using stocknobabble I don't understand.
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