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Old 01-21-2018,
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Commandment No. 1: Keep It a Trade
In this special look at Jim Cramer's latest book, he lays out a brutal, but effective, rule. More

Commandment No. 2: First Loss Is Best
Why you should leave a trade that doesn't work immediately. More

Commandment No. 3: Take Your Losses
Cramer clears up a common, and costly, trading misconception. More

Commandment No. 4: Trading Gains, Not Investment Losses
Cramer describes a slippery slope for traders and how to avoid it. More

Commandment No. 5: Tips Are for Waiters
Cramer points out why tips are best left on the table. More

Commandment No. 6: No Sale? No Profit
Cramer lays out why you have to take gains, especially now. More
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Old 01-21-2018,
AdellPalmq AdellPalmq is offline
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Commandment No. 7: Control Your Losses
Cramer shows an easy way to improve your returns. More

Commandment No. 8: Don't Fear That You'll Miss Anything
Cramer points out a reason to control this impulse. More

Commandment No. 9: Don't Trade Off Only the Headlines
Cramer points out the reason to resist the knee-jerk reaction. More

Commandment No. 10: Don't Trade Flow
Cramer warns that the tape reveals sucker plays, not good trades. More
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Old 01-21-2018,
Adofyn-beita Adofyn-beita is offline
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Default FLWE - Fellows Energy

I started to write down the number of each of the "rules" which Cramer doesn't follow, and then i realized it was most of them!
Great entertainer; smart guy; good trader? Doubtful.
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Old 01-23-2018,
AdellDiede AdellDiede is offline
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Was there anyone in the market in the 90's who didn't make tons of money? We were all genius' back then. In Cramers case, he had to have his wife bail him out he was so bad at it!

More recently, he has done no better than having a monkey throw darts.

Entertaining? Absolutely. A brilliant mind? No doubt. Able to make money in the market? No special skills...check his record...and not from where the stocks closed the previous day, like he does, but from where you can first buy them the following morning when the full market opens. That is the correct benchmark. Doesn't look so astute, does he?
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Old 01-24-2018,
Adelesiau Adelesiau is offline
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The problem with Cramer's picks on TV is he really doesn't do his homework on all these stocks. No one can. Nobody has the time. One person might be able to closely follow 20 stocks and give you a reasonable opinion on where those stocks might go. Cramer is just giving you a snapshot judgement on the stocks that people call in during the lightning round. He doesn't do his homework on all of these stocks. So he's wrong with a lot of his picks. Even if you do your homework, you will still be wrong on stock picks.
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