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Old 01-20-2018,
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Default Today's closing-trend will be....buying oil sands stocks on the close

The long term price of POGI will depend on what DWOG does as they really control this oil sands project. Do some research on these two companys as POGI could get alot more from DWOG in the future. DWOG is the best l/t play imo as they own almost 30% of one of the other partners involved in this project and it would not surprise me that DWOG has a deal with POGI and has been buying their stock too. In the short term just on the deal with dwog i think the stock could go to $1 and alot more then that l/t if dwog HAS been buying their stock. I don't know for sure that dwog has been a buyer in pogi but i do know for sure they they own 29.5% of one of the other partners in this deal. If dwog does own shares in pogi then it only makes since to give them more of the deals in the future. There are lots of great oil plays right now so do some research as they are doing well with these high oil prices. Good luck
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Old 01-22-2018,
Adismcirl Adismcirl is offline
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Yep short term DWOG looks the best but long term its CWPC all the way. POGI is DWOG's jr. partner so it should run with DWOG. Billions of barrels of oil up there in the canadian oil sands as stated tonight on 60 minutes. Finally the story is getting out.
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