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Old 01-21-2018,
Adismcirl Adismcirl is offline
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InvestingMoron debuting his lack of knowledge for your viewing pleasure! So far this year I made one risky pick, and it was MII on Tuesday. Turned out not to be so dumb when I sold it on Friday for a healthy quick return.

Now, for my next trick, I'm putting a good percentage into MSA. With the recent news and such, well, I can't see how it would go wrong. Basically, the governor of WV is going to mandate on Monday afternoon that all the mines in WV be updated, and they're going to need a company to do it. I'm almost willing to bet that MSA WILL BE MENTIONED ON THE MONDAY NIGHT SHOW. It's right up Cramer's alley.

All I have to do now is go a whole day without saying "buy buy buy", "b-b-b-boooyah", or "sell sell sell" and I won't have to give my wife the credit card.
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Old 01-21-2018,
AddiePaync AddiePaync is offline
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Default It's all gonna be "Mine" (MSA)

Let me add that I don't own any shares of MSA and that everyone should do their DD before buying this. And I'm an InvestingMoron, hence the name. No shame in my game. Now you do the same and I won't be to blame. Hopefully someone makes a buck and brings me luck.

I'm no man behind the curtain 8) just thought that someone might appreciate me bringing MSA to their attention with the recent news about the mines.
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Old 01-22-2018,
AdellDiede AdellDiede is offline
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I guess I should pay more attention! Sorry for being "Master of the Obvious", guys.
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