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Old 01-23-2018,
abookzzpn abookzzpn is offline
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Default SBUX - let the train keep running?

Until Opec officially backs the 1 million bpd cut, it's going to be a bit risky to buy an oil stock. If they do not follow through with the speculation then crude will probably drop several dollars in a single trading day and oil stocks would likley see their biggest pullback yet. Obviously Opec realizes this and has pretty much been backed into a corner by the unofficial statements from people within their organization, which is likely why those people said what they did. I think they have no choice unless they are willing to gamble on the UN bringing sanctions against Iran, that situation while not prominent in the media lately, is still there and will be dealt with at some point.
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Old 01-24-2018,
ABoks ABoks is offline
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On that subject, the UN has unwittingly put itself in a bad situation; if they do not follow through with the resolution passed on Iran and nuclear development, they have to know that N. Korea will take that as weakness and follow the same path.

I think it all comes to a head in November, our own Energy secretary really put his foot in his mouth imo when he said that he would be calling Opec to let them know that Washington would not be happy with a cut and resultant higher gas prices. Sounds to me that he is implying that U.S. policymakers have the clout to influence Opec's production decisions. So who besides Joe Consumer is going to care if oil is higher after 11/7 ?
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Old 01-25-2018,
accomamoons accomamoons is offline
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"As tight as the (oil) markets are right now, even small changes in supply can
have more than proportional impact," said John Felmy, an economist with the
American Petroleum Institute, the trade group for the U.S. oil industry.

Even with advances in efficiency and renewable fuels, the Energy Information
Administration, the statistical arm of the U.S. Energy Department, predicts oil
demand will rise by a fourth over the next 20 years, primarily to fuel cars and

The pipeline boom isn't limited to the Midwest. Pipelines are also being built
or reserved to move Canadian oil to Gulf Coast refineries and to the West
Coast. Enbridge is talking to shippers about a $3.6 billion oil pipeline from
Canada to Texas, and the $2 billion Gateway Pipeline proposal across the
Rockies to the West Coast, where crude could be loaded onto tankers and shipped
to Asia.
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