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Old 01-26-2018,
AdellDiede AdellDiede is offline
Join Date: Jan 2017
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Default Hmmmmmm, I doth smell a stinky rat

You tell me

When I first started following this weirdo on the way up I tried to do my homework on it, but could not really find anything about it or to justify its climb

I smelled a rat

Somebody made a ton of money on this goody and I suspect many lost a ton

Get this: the bottom fell out as the stock market went up

It climbed when the stock market sucked

Wish the press would do a story on this goody

If you know the story on this company, puh-leaze share it with us
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Old 01-28-2018,
AdelineCar AdelineCar is offline
Join Date: Oct 2017
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Just another of the many stocks that sucker undisciplined traders in based on internet hype circulating through the likes of Yahoo forums, etc. Strictly for gamblers. Jmo
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Old 01-28-2018,
AdelePeter AdelePeter is offline
Join Date: Jul 2017
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Well my 100 shares are now in CORR (Corridor Communications) with a total value of $0.01 lol. I'd love to find the scum who send out thosefaxes and do some very creative things to them But hey, I was young, and I learned a very valuable lesson - and for only $126 - so it was a lesson well learned. I still have it listed in my long term account at schwab (would cost 12.95 to sell it) - there it remains for me to see every time I log in as a reminder to DO DUE DILIGENCE.
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Old 01-29-2018,
AdelaideMa AdelaideMa is offline
Join Date: Dec 2017
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This reminds me of AMNM - which I threw away 1.26 per share for 100 shares several years ago on the strenght of one of those solicitation faxes we get here at the office. I read up on the company (there wasnt a lot out there on them), it was a company with military/defense contracts & ties (if I recall correctly) - what could go wrong?
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