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Old 01-27-2018,
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looks like it's formed a hammer and Semi's are looking attractive.
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Old 01-27-2018,
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Default Anyone like ANAD here?

Earnings release comes out before market on Monday April 24. I've held quite a few shares of ANAD for a bit over a year now and traded a portion of them around the core. The first shares I purchased were at $1.87. I locked in some substantial profits in the $8 -$9 range, but still have about 20k shares. In the past year I've seen a lot of volitility in the stock, but as a long term hold, this stock will go to the moon !
They are on the verge of regaining profitability after several years of losses.
Value Line Investment Survey releases their opinion once every 3 months on the stocks it covers. ANAD and the semiconductors industry is covered in todays release.
Here's what they say :

This is the most current report from Value Line Investment Survey, released today.
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Old 01-28-2018,
AdelePeter AdelePeter is offline
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ANADIGICS should substantially cut its deficit this year. The first quarter was better than we expected. The company reported an $0.08-a-share loss compared to our targeted deficit of $0.13 a share. ANADIGICS experienced strong revenue growth exceeding 60% during the period, thanks to good demand from CDMA and GSM customers. Meanwhile, broadband revenues also did well, climbing 10% sequentially. For 2006, we are targeting an earnings deficit of $0.05 a share, followed by a $0.20-a-share profit in 2007, as the company continues to leverage fixed costs with significant increases at the top line.
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Old 02-02-2018,
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The company stands to benefit from new opportunities in broadband and wireless technology. ANADIGICS has a leading line of amplifiers for CATV, which has been strengthened by cable operators' conversion to 1 gigahertz systems, up from 870 megahertz. It will also benefit from continued proliferation of DVR technology and HDTV communications, since ANAD has been winning contracts from the major cable suppliers to include more of its products in their cable boxes. Meanwhile, the company's market presence in wireless communications will likely complement broadband growth. New 3G technology cellphones, compatible with both CDMA and GSM systems, should aid the top line. In EVDO and CDMA platforms, the company recently won designs for Sanyo and Samsung handsets. In GSM and EDGE technology, ANADIGICS should be able to take advantage of the emergence of 3G technology in non-cell phone applications, including notebook PCs and PDAs.
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