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Old 01-12-2018,
aheeluzmimuha aheeluzmimuha is offline
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Not only is the XOI not going to take out the 52 week high, it's going to take out last week's 1038ish low before this week is out. Then it will see 550 before it ever sees a new 52 week high! Sorry! I'll give you until around 11 AM EST on Mon to see things my way...and if you are long CWPC you have until around 9:45 EST.
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Old 01-13-2018,
AgustinMar AgustinMar is offline
Join Date: Mar 2017
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Default new to watching his show

Do some research if you are long cwpc you are doing well. Look at how much oil they are sitting on. CWPC could be a $50 stock in a few years but imo ERHE could be a better long term play as it has not had the run yet.
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Old 01-13-2018,
aeyelifurepe aeyelifurepe is offline
Join Date: Jun 2014
Location: Kazakhstan
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I agree on CWPC. Had to trade out on the spike this morning. Up too far too fast - my nose was starting to bleed!

I like TXLA for a nice run this week. Same management as CWPC. $2-3 by the end of the week, I think.
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Old 01-15-2018,
advambvumb advambvumb is offline
Join Date: Jun 2017
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Im looking for $68 oil in a week or 2 if so look for 80 dollar oil this summer imo. Did a mo back on POGI looks good to .20 then higher as SRGG had more news again today and srgg is moving. DWOG SRGG and POGI all working partners in the lake project in the oil sands. Good luck
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Old 01-16-2018,
admin admin is offline
Join Date: Dec 2010
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Just the cvx news and oil holding around $64. Im looking for a gap up tomorrow on pogi. Must be some news coming out and i would not be surprised if dwog has been buying pogi shares. Dwog has not run yet on the SRGG news and they have a larger % then SRGG. Look for dwog to be the next runner could go to 3 plus imo. CVX im looking for 60 tomorrow or wed. good luck
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