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Old 01-13-2018,
agrohimgan agrohimgan is offline
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Default Couple More to check into

Be caredful. I think the run is over for CHDT. It formed a very bearish shooting star today and the RSI is way overbought and the Slow Stochastics are turning down. It may bounce one more time but it's going down to .14 and then down to .10. Just my opinion of course.
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Old 01-14-2018,
Agrwisaf Agrwisaf is offline
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With all due respect to the Chart Guru, I think the fundamentals are too strong, and earnings too good. At some point the absolute value of a company must account for something, and the increase in this companies value justifies a price of no less than .22. While I admit with stocks of this price class the technical factors can sway the price considerably, the good press and positive earnings can move a stock against technical indications. I see a 20% upside from here and more if the tile news is valid (meaning no veto by the powers that be in Fla).
My predictions for today were pretty dismal so maybe I'm due for this one to be right.
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Old 01-15-2018,
AdolphYfv AdolphYfv is offline
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Aiki, I don't look at fundamentals, strictly charts. You may be right about CHDT going over .22. I honestly don't even know much about the company except for what I have read here and at the stockhideout.com. If I'm not mistaken, CHDT manufactures roof tiles and their plant happens to be in Pembroke Pines, not far from Miami. Living in Miami, I can tell you that there are still many homes with blue tarps on their roofs from last year hurricanes. Insurance companies are not compensating home owners with complete roof replacement. They rather pay for roof tile repairs. How will CHDT supply exact tiles to match existing tiles on roofs? We also have a huge 3-4% additional hurricane deductable out of pocket, which means that on a $20,000 hurricane damage the home owner must come up with $6,000-$8,000 of the repair cost, plus the original $1,000 deductable. Yes, insurance is a rip off. Lastly, roofers here are taking the bigger and more profitable complete roof replacement then repairs. They also rather install shingle roofs which are done quicker then clay tile. Again, I don't know much about CHDT's fundamentals, I just don't like the chart. There was also alot of hype with CBAY and CCBEF in other forums and both stocks went south as soon as they peeked, although CCBEF is now back in my target range of $3. I'm not saying to buy or sell CHDT, just look at the chart and you decide. I'm like FOX News, "I report, you decide"
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Old 01-16-2018,
ADreattylilt ADreattylilt is offline
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I just wanted to compliment ChartGuru and Aiki14 on a professional dissagreement. It's sure nice to see differing opinions backed up with the reasoning behind it. That along with the absence of name calling that I see so many times on other post and BB's which makes the post not worth reading.

It's easier to learn when we have good reasoning behind things. Keep up the good work!
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Old 01-17-2018,
AbnormalReturns AbnormalReturns is offline
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Let me know when the indicators are favorable, I'm chain chewing rolaids. My investment amount has exceded my tolerance for good karma. I'm setting a stop price and going fishing (wahoo are running), gonna reduce my position when I can to more reasonable levels and think very seriously about the last few weeks. Real estate was never this stressful.
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