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Old 01-20-2018,
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A perfect example was when someone asked Cramer about Digital River(DRIV). He said DRIV just had a terrible QTR and that person should sell the stock and wait for 2 more QTRs before you can look at the stock again. He was dead wrong. DRIV just had a great QTR, but they did lower their growth forecast. The stock went from $23 to $29 after he said to sell.
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Default Quest Oil?

He's not always right and sometimes he does break his own rules, but the 10 Commandments have been really helpful to me. I no longer hang around with a loser hoping it will go back up, for instance, I just get rid of it and find one that is. If nothing else, it saves on nerves!! Saved me some money, too.
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Before we started watching Cramer, we would just pick good companies and hold onto the stocks forever. Funny thing is, right around the time we turned him on, ours weren't doing as well as they had a few months previously and it gave us the courage to get out and still have nice profits to enjoy. Some people get a lot out of the show. I don't watch it for his stock picks, anyway, I have my own. But his strategies have helped me enormously.
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