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Old 01-28-2018,
Addisonel Addisonel is offline
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Default Short Position % Question

I have a question that I know some of you ust have an opinion on, when looking for a stock to play a short squeeze play on, what % of the float do you look for to say this is a good short squeeze?

I was looking up GW, I have liked this company for a while and like the nunbers ad the price. But I also noticed that Yahoo! shows 11% of their shares are shorted.

So just want an idea of a % of shorts to look for when considering a squeeze.
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Old 01-28-2018,
AdelePeter AdelePeter is offline
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A question i too would like to hear answers on.

Also, is there a way to get more current info (doubtful)? i hate playing with month or more old info. i use put option activity as a proxy for real time short%. prolly way too simplified, though.
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Old 01-28-2018,
AdelineCar AdelineCar is offline
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Well using the MSN Money stock screener you can list one of the criteria as either number of shares short or % of shares short. But when looking at the company on msn money I can't find where it tells you the nuber of shares short. But on Yahoo! you can just click on "key Statistics" and you will find the short info on the right hand side under share statistics.

But you are right, they are a month old. I wonder if your broker has a way of telling you real time shorts, I would imagine they would have to be able to.
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Old 02-03-2018,
AdelaideMa AdelaideMa is offline
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Perhaps some helpfuld definitions from investopedia:

Float: The total number of shares publicly owned and available for trading. The float is calculated by subtracting restricted shares from outstanding shares. Also known as "free float".

Short interest: The total number of shares of a security that have been sold short by customers and securities firms. Short interest is typically expressed as a percentage. For example, 3% short interest means that 3% of the outstanding shares are held short.

Short interest ratio: A sentiment indicator that is derived by dividing the short interest by the average daily volume for a stock. Also known as the short ratio.
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Old 02-03-2018,
AdelaideCh AdelaideCh is offline
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I must be missing something, as my arithmetic for bhs follows: 17.9%(26.28m)= approx 4.7m shares short (4.65m listed on yahoo) using 4.7m/478.5k 3month av vol, you get 9.82 short ratio. 4.65m= 9.72, and using 10day av vol 907.8k, i get 5.18, 5.13 respectively. what gives?

Additionaly, i would like to mention that short interest alone is not enough to generate a squeeze. if a company is in trouble, a lot of smart money can really line up against it with little reprocussions. Also there are many financially less dubious reason a company might have a higher short interest- mergers, market ineffeciencies between exchanges, or announced splits/divys can all force market makers to hedge. like all great trades, a squeeze requires a catalyst. Better than expected earnings, positive press or whatever still is required to draw new money to the issue to initiate a squeeze. these are all opinions of a newbie.
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