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Old 01-27-2018,
Addisonel Addisonel is offline
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Default Gold

Japan to raise rates, which should make the USD fall some. Hence, gold is looking good still.

Does anyone know what Europe is going to do?
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Old 01-28-2018,
AdelineCar AdelineCar is offline
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Just my lil thoughts as i head off to bed:

my gold watch was from upper left to bottom right today
my oil watch was the same
my tech watch same
my metals/cyclicals same

bad day right, so bonds should be doing well? I dunno, started strong and finished unchanged, and wth 5.10? either this is getting close to the edge of the apocolypse, or the big money knows either gold/oil or regular stocks are going to get a pop by friday. with the macro situation the easy bet is the gold and oil. Personally this tells me i need to research good counter plays for if/when gold and oil stay flat through the weekend.
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Old 01-30-2018,
AdelePeter AdelePeter is offline
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I think alcoholism...I might already have been schitzo.:lol: I made money shorting GG. Then I made money buying SU. I traded both ways today. They can go either way & you can trade either way. Just watch the oscilators.
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Old 02-01-2018,
AdelaideCh AdelaideCh is offline
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apocolypse anyone? everything down today except oil (comodity) and even many oils down. Im too much of a newbie to really see what is going on, but it sure seems like all the money is leaving. i can not figure out where it is going.
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Old 02-01-2018,
AddiePaync AddiePaync is offline
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Actually I do think the market is low due to the Fed, I think it's as low as it is due to a bit of overreaction to the fed which in turn led to the down time recently. The fed hold and the housing market gets a push and the upswing will start. I think the numbers of late may have given the Fed a bit of a jolt and they will hold and that will start the overreaction in the positive direction.
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